UNSEEN series | Apertures

On June 10 in San Francisco’s Mission district, Gray Area’s UNSEEN Series will presents site-specific, collaborative performances by Bay Area artists. The show will explore current practices in immersive media, including expanded cinema, video and sound art, experimental music and technology.

The UNSEEN series is curated by Oakland artist Matt Fisher and features contributions from Suss Müsik friend and collaborator Marc Manning. Other performers/artists include Maggi Payne, Marielle Jakobson and Chuck Johnson.

Tickets are $8 presale, $13 day of show and $15 at the door. A cash bar is available to those 21 years and older.


A new Suss Müsik piece entitled “Noumenon” is now available for listening on SoundCloud. The piece features the contributions of New Orleans saxophonist Stephen J. Gladney, who brings a jazz-inspired phrasing that strongly recalls the work of Pharoah Sanders. Suss Müsik is moving into more lyrical, somewhat emotional territory where it’s possible to actually hear instruments in the mix. We are excited about this direction and expect further collaborations to lift the material further.

In case you’re wondering, the title derives from philosophical concept by Immanuel Kant, literally intended to mean “the thing in itself.” A noumenon is something that exists independently of how it appears to our senses. The larger idea is to define what stands on its own versus humankind’s capacity to act as an agent of change. Now you know.

Collaboration Review

Suss Müsik has been engaged in a number of productive collaborations with the wonderful artist and musician Marc Manning. Most recently, the partnership has resulted in a piece entitled Melting Square. Within 24 hours, the track attracted the most favorable attention in Suss Müsik’s short history.

The track was subsequently reviewed by Disquiet’s Marc Weidenbaum, who called the track “a moment of reflective calm before all hell breaks loose.” Mr. Manning and Suss continue to work on new material, so perhaps the comparable respite of Melting Square is short lived!