Wave Farm Residency Work Samples

  1. The Simulation Hypothesis
  2. We’re Drowning In Information
  3. The Shield Of My Illusion

1. Five-part audio piece on the Simulation Hypothesis, a theory proposed by Nick Bostrom that our entire universe is a model controlled by higher life forms. The individual tracks explore the concept of substrate-independence, the relationship between glitch culture and paranormal activity, and what happens when human consciousness clashes with digital software.

2. Fixed-media installation exhibited at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Gimpo-Si, South Korea. The text is Eric McLuhan speaking about the impact of communication media on society, used by kind permission of The McLuhan Institute. The Visuals are refactored images of the sky depicted as eight historical forms of mechanical reproduction: ink-plate etching, monotype mezzotint, mercury daguerreotype, four-color halftone, black-and-white silver print, color film photography, scanned pixels, and μ-law digital glitch.

3. Live performance using combined handmade grain synth, MIDI controller, and sampler keyboard. The device was built from what is believed to be an old coaxial cable converter. The triggered samples are snipped of AI-generated audio, created in an attempt to build a library of 1960’s style vocal harmonies.