Junto Project 0390: Pace Quickens [repost]

Someone suggested that Suss Müsik repost our contributions to the weekly Disquiet Junto projects, because they enjoy reading the explanations of the tracks. While you’re reading the original post, make sure you check out the other contributors’ works as well.

The speed of time increases naturally as we get older. In Suss Müsik’s estimation, the only way to stop time is to create a parallel facsimile that suspends belief in our sense of chronology. Good luck with that.

In 1880, Eadweard Muybridge underwent a similar conquest: he wanted to start and stop the action of time in motion. Using a camera equipped with two boards and a spring (leaving a 1/8 inch opening in the lens), Muybridge was able to capture the image of a man riding a horse at one five-hundredth of a second. Putting these images together in a sequence allowed for a visual precision never achieved by the human eye.

Using a device Muybridge named the zoogyroscope (basically a metal drum mounted on a spindle with slits on the side), viewers could watch an entire series of Muybridge’s frames at any speed they wished. Thus was born the technology that eventually became the motion picture. If you’ve ever been stuck watching a truly horrid movie, blame Muybridge.

For this odd piece, Suss Müsik started with the output from Disquiet Junto 0299. Granted, it doesn’t take much effort to speed up a tempo of only 10 BPM, but there you have it. The instrumentation is largely the same with some added electronic percussion, soft electric piano chords, and gritty synth guitar to form a bit of structure.

The piece is titled Muybridge. The image is one of his series of a woman playing tennis.

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