Disquiet Review: “The Intention of Pace”

Suss Müsik took a bit of a flyer on a recent piece entitled Tourbillon, which is named after the part of a watch mechanism that negates the effect of gravity. It’s also, as Marc Weidenbaum notes in this lovely review for Disquiet, the French word for “whirlwind.” We weren’t quite certain how the result of phased piano, voice and Hammond organ would sound when looped and replayed live upon each other; at best, we envisioned a sort of a “drone-meets-Steve Reich-‘Six Pianos‘” type of thing. At worst, we imagined an unholy mess of repetitive dissonance (and not in a good way). We certainly relate to Weidenbaum’s description of “a sheer haze that is pitched high and given an intense sense of forward motion,” which seems to correspond with the latest Suss Müsik aesthetic: a particle cloud of decisions and events blurring through the senses as life carries on.

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