Post-classical ambient minimalism for crepuscular airports

Upcoming Release: Kommunal

Kommunal album coverThe next Suss Müsik release is titled Kommunal and features four new pieces.

Whereas previous Suss Müsik offerings focused more on drones that function as background music for meditation, Kommunal advances the compositional palette to include found sound and greater compositional depth.

Kommunal is variously ugly, dissonant, beautiful, sparse. Guitars are played by dropping pebbles on strings. Carpentry tools like table and hand saws become part of the musical language. An organ’s timbre range is pushed to maximum capacity while a muted saxophone struggles to be heard.

Kommunal also includes the most “musical” thing Suss Müsik has ever released, a simple piano motif that builds into a sort of ambient-jazz-pop number with gently brushed drums in standard 4/4 time.

Kommunal is available 4 July 2016 on Bandcamp and features contributions from Stephen J Gladney, Marc Manning and Sara Toga.


Suss Müsik has produced a new piece for guitars, percussion, piano and power tools. One of the guitars was played with a jar on the fretboard; another was played by dropping pebbles and metallic objects on the strings. The piano and percussion were played conventionally, as were the table and hand saws. The studio was a fun place during these sessions.

The title “Wovoka” refers to the Northern Paiute religious leader and prophet who founded the Ghost Dance movement, which instilled among Native American tribes the concept of calling upon ancient spirits to help them reclaim the earth. Wovoka’s name means “wood cutter” in the Northern Paiute language.

We aren’t certain if this track will make it onto the next proper Suss Müsik release (which is tentatively titled Kommunal).

Speaking of Suss Müsik releases, we have received a lot of very nice feedback on Paraphasia and really appreciate those who took the time to write us an encouraging note.


Esmovoir coverSuss Müsik will be releasing a 4-piece work entitled Esmovoir, which is named after the French word meaning “to cause action due to emotion.” Each of the four pieces is inspired by recent trials of friends and acquaintances close to participants of Suss Müsik.

The four pieces are Noumenon, Coleorhiza, Presbyacousis and Makrothymia. Stephen J. Gladney contributes saxophone and Saratoga contributes percussion.

Esmovoir can be be heard on SoundCloud for a limited time and will shortly be available for purchase on BandCamp. We are looking into a limited run of compact disc pressings, which will be sold in tiny independent records stores where people have beards, read Thomas Pynchon, and wear skinny pants.